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  Bless' It Beauty Salon, NFP 

Changing the World one Head at a Time!

Bless’It Beauty Salon, NFP is a 501c3 nonprofit organization built on the belief of equipping clients with the Knowledge, Skills and Tools to maintain the integrity of their Hair, Nails and Skin. "Changing the World one Head at a time! is our Mission Statement" We believe in helping individuals enhance and/or maintain their outward appearance, while building and increasing their inward confidence. 

Bless'It Beauty Salon, NFP is a salon who provides more than a normal salon experience. In additional to offering a variety of salon services we also offer Sister to Sister Connections, Building YOUR Best You, and Family Connections workshops. The services that we provided are priceless and will improve the following: 

· Self-Esteem

· Grade Point Averages

· Employment Status

· Lower Suicide Rates

· Build Family Connections

"The sky is the limit"

Building individuals and impacting our community is our passion. We also help our clients to improve their conditions and/or circumstances through the love, care and time we deposit into their lives and soul. Bless'It Beauty Salon, NFP wants to be just that "a blessing" in someone's life.

Our goal is to reach our clients through salon service to help them to build a more positive self-image through personal care. Helping individuals understand they are different, guiding them into being more comfortable with themselves, and helping them to build and maintain a positive self-outlook while increasing their inward confidence is our mission. We want to help our clients always make the best 1st impression in all they do.

Bless’It Beauty Salon, NFP go' s the extra mile to improve the quality of life throughout our communities by increasing social and coping skills, school success, and employ-ability; by healing emotional pain and helping individuals and families grow strong and independent. Men and women are growing increasingly dissatisfied with their physical selves and we can help change that.

Bless'It Beauty Salon, NFP is committed to providing High Quality Customer Service, meeting our Clients’ needs is our Priority. We have teamed up with other outside resource centers and organizations. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations and needs. "Connections are key."

Springfield Salon Helps Foster Families

Building YOUR Best YOU!